How to – Online Course Tutorial

Here, you will learn how to use this online course.
Please read the instructions below!

*If you have any questions or find any problems with using the course, please write to your teacher, Laura, at*

1. Watch the Orientation and First Assignment Video

This video will talk about how to approach working on pronunciation and give you the Practice Paragraph that we will work on in this course.

You MUST follow the instructions and make your FIRST FLIPGRID ASSIGNMENT. This first video will show your starting point with your accent and give you something to compare your final progress to.

*If you don’t do this video, you will have a harder time measuring your progress. Remember that your progress is not guaranteed, because it depends on YOUR hard work! Please be sure to get as much practice and feedback as you can so that you can make the most improvement!!

2. Choose your lesson

All the lessons are listed on the left side of the screen.

Start by clicking on the lesson you would like to study.

If you don’t see a list on the left, click on the “carrot”.

3. Start with the Main Video

Click on the Pronunciation Focus’ Main Video. You should watch this video and read any of the notes in the lesson page.

You will be able to download a copy of a Powerpoint with all the Main Lesson’s notes.

When you have completed this Main Video materials, you should click on “Mark Complete”. This will bring you to the next part of the course materials: the listening quiz.

You can also “Mark Complete” at the top of each page next to the progress bar.

*If you do not click “Mark Complete”, the progress bar on the top will not show your progress!

4. Complete the Listening Quiz

You can either click on the list on the left to get to the Listening Quiz for the Focus you are studying. If you are watching the Main Video and “Mark Complete”, this Listening Quiz will pop up for you next automatically.

  • To begin the quiz, click the blue “Start Quiz” button and complete all the questions. Press play on the video to hear the questions.
  • When you are finished, click “Finish Quiz“.
  • Be sure to click on “Mark Complete” when you are finished and ready for the next task.

5. Practice Videos

Each Pronunciation Focus has two kinds of practice video: General Practice and Paragraph Practice.
Watch each video to get extra practice and tips about making the Focus sound.
When you are finished with this section, click “Mark Complete“.

6. FlipGrid Assignment

The last part of each Pronunciation Focus is the FlipGrid Assignment.


You signed up for this course to improve your speaking and pronunciation in English, and this is your chance to practice and get feedback!

First, watch the video to find out what your assignment is.
Then, read the directions and follow the link to FlipGrid to upload your video of you saying the FlipGrid Assignment sentence.
Finally, get some feedback about your pronunciation from your classmates and teacher!

*Don’t forget to click on “Mark Complete” in the FlipGrid assignment.

7. Your Final Project and Certificate

When you have completed all the lessons, you are ready for your final project.

What to do:
1. Watch the video to practice the paragraph with all the Pronunciation Focuses.
2. Practice reading the paragraph.
3. Post your Final Project to FlipGrid as a reply to your original post!

Then you can see how you have improved and where you still need to practice.

When you have completed all your videos and assignments, click “Mark Complete“.
You will be able to download your “Certificate of Completion” for this course. Congratulations!

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What’s Next?

Click on the “Mark Complete” button below to get started with the course!