Practice Videos

Unreleased Final Consonants Practice Video

Use the echo method to practice the unreleased final consonants in these expressions.

Practice the words from this video

Here are the practice words to work on from the video:

Unreleased g, k, p, and b:
It’s in the lab.
Stop sign
Hand bag
Black dog

Unreleased T:
What does he want?
That can’t be right!
It looks like that.
It is a hot beach.

Unreleased Final Consonants in the Practice Paragraph

Practice the unreleased final consonants with the echo method in the practice paragraph.

Practice the Unreleased Final T in the Practice Paragraph

See where the unreleased final T is in the Practice Paragraph and say the sounds more clearly.

The Practice Paragraph:

Unreleased T: About learning, difficult challenges, at it

This is something I want to say about learning a new language. It isn’t easy at all! It’s usually a very tall mountain to climb. I’ve faced a lot of difficult challenges, but I’m getting better! I will keep working at it!