Practice Videos

Glottal Stop Practice Video

Practice the glottal stop sound with a famous nursery rhyme.

Practice the words from this video

Here is the poem to work on from the video:

Words with glottal stops: kitten, mitten, what
Three little kittens they lost their mittens.
And they began to cry.
Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear
Our mittens we have lost.
What? Lost your mittens, you naughty kittens!
Then you shall have no pie.

Glottal Stops in the Practice Paragraph

See where the glottal stop appears in your practice paragraph.

Practice the Glottal Stop T in the Practice Paragraph

See where the glottal stop T is in the Practice Paragraph and say the sounds more clearly.

The Practice Paragraph:

Glottal Stop T: mountain

This is something I want to say about learning a new language. It isn’t easy at all! It’s usually a very tall mountain to climb. I’ve faced a lot of difficult challenges, but I’m getting better! I will keep working at it!