[W] in the Middle of Words

Words to practice in this video:
Always – Anyway – Doing – Shower – Power – Awake – Sewer – Seaweed – Overwhelmed – Unaware – Queen – Quiet – Quit – Chihuahua – Jaguar – Bandwidth – Chewing

Sentences to practice in this video:

This is always fun.
Anyway, we should be quiet.
What are we doing?
Will William shower?
Wanda wants more power.
We aren’t really awake.
Don’t go in the sewer.
Seaweed is tasty.
We feel overwhelmed before the test.
She was unaware of the rule.

The Queen of England doesn’t speak American English.
We should be quiet.
Walter wants to quit his job.
Do they have a chihuahua?
Did everyone do their homework?
A jaguar is a fancy car.
Does your WIFI have good bandwidth here?
He isn’t chewing his sandwich quietly.

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