Travel English for Packing and Airports – Quiz 1 of 4

Taking a trip? You probably need to pack!

Take a quick quiz to make sure you have the right vocabulary for packing your bags.


Holiday Suitcase

Luggage restrictions  
A carry-on 
A personal item
A checked bag
Checked-bag fee
Overweight baggage fees
Electrical devices

Packing your bags:

You should make sure to check the for your flight. If you are flying on a domestic flight in the USA, often you can only have a and . If you want to check a bag, you will need to pay a .

If you are taking an international flight, you can have a included in your ticket price. You should make sure that you measure and weigh your bag before you leave for the airport, so that you don’t get any oversize or .

I recommend only putting the necessary liquids in your carry-on bag. You need to put these in a clear plastic zip-lock bag, and make sure that none of the are more than 3 ounces. I suggest just your toothpaste, contact solution and anything else that you will immediately need when you land.

Pack these in an outside pocket, so that you can remove them easily when you go through security. You should also pack any cords, chargers and in an easy-to-reach pocket of your bags as well.


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