Travel English for Packing and Airports – Quiz 2 of 4

So, you’ve packed your bags and you are ready to set out on your trip. Most likely you are headed to the airport! 

Take the quiz below to make sure that you have all the language you need to get through security and get on your flight!


Passenger Silhouettes At AirportCheck in for a flight
Go through security
A passport
A boarding pass
A plastic bin
A metal detector
Extra security screening
TSA agent
Be patted down
Go to the gate
Boarding group
The gangway
Flight boarding

At the airport:

Once you for your flight and check your bags, you will need to security. This can be quite a process. Be sure to empty any water bottles or drinks before you get there, because they will make you throw away any extra liquids. Here, you are going to have to show them your and again to prove that you are the person who is supposed to be flying.

Next you will need to put all those liquids and electronic devices in a . You will also have to remove your jacket, anything from your pocket, your shoes and even your belt to put in the plastic bins as well before you go through the or . You might get if your clothing has hidden pockets or metal parts that are revealed by the scanner.

Sometimes, you may be “randomly” selected for extra . Your bags might also be searched or swabbed for .

This is another reason why it is good to arrive early, because that is a bit of a hassle and takes additional time. Be patient with the , even if they make you do this. Remember that they have a very stressful job, and, beyond that, if you get on their bad side, they can make things very difficult for you!

Once you get through security and repack your bag, head out to your and wait for boarding to begin. You will usually have to wait for your to be called before you can go down the and get on your flight.


How did you do? Let me know if you have questions! I look forward to hearing from you!