Travel English for Packing and Airports – Quiz 3 of 4 –

Now you’ve made it through security, and sat down in your seat on the plane. The flight attendants are making announcements overhead. What are they saying?

Take the quiz below to test your understanding of common airplane announcements!


Inside A PlaneFasten Seat Belt Sign
To stow
An overhead bin
Fasten your seat belt
A tray-table
Flight attendant
An emergency exit
Federal regulation
Lavatory smoke detectors
Be prohibited by law
The cabin
To tamper with
Alcoholic drinks

On your flight:

Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the . If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in the . Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and , please read carefully the safety instructions card located in the seat-back pocket in front of you. If you do not wish to perform the functions described in the event of an emergency, please ask a to reseat you.

By federal regulation, this is a non-smoking flight. Smoking is on the entire aircraft, including the lavatories. with, disabling or destroying the lavatory is prohibited by law.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, and you may now move freely around the cabin. However, for safety reasons, we always recommend to keep your fastened while you’re seated.

In a few moments, the flight attendants will be coming around the to offer you hot or cold drinks, as well as breakfast/dinner/supper/a light meal/a snack.

drinks are also available at a charge/with our compliments. Payment can be made in cash only/by card.




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