Travel English for Packing and Airports – Quiz 4 of 4 –

Your flight has landed safe and sound! Now what do you do?

Take the quiz below to make sure you know how to get out of the airport in English!


Busy AirportGo through Immigration
Go through Customs
Have nothing to declare
Have something to declare
Collect checked luggage
Baggage claim area
Tourist visa
Landing card
Customs Declaration form

When you land, you will from the plane and go through . You will need to show your passport, and landing card.

After this, you will need to collect any checked luggage at the area and go through . They will take your and you can choose either the line for “Items to Declare” or “”. Sometimes, they will search your bags. Most likely, you will go right through without any problems, ready to go explore your new destination!

Happy and safe travels!


Additional Vocabulary You Might Need to Fill out Forms

Port-of-entry – the airport, harbor or other station you arrived in the country at
Port-of-departure – where did your flight/boat leave from?
Country of Residence – where do you live
Vessel Name – the name of the ship you arrived on (only for boats)
Airline Flight Number – the number should be on your boarding pass
Family Name – your surname
Description of Articles – this section lets you write the items you need to declare and the price
Signature – you need to sign your name here

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