Types of Online English Classes

Conversation Class

For students wanting to build vocabulary and fluency, this is the type of class you need. Using authentic materials from newspaper articles to Youtube videos and radio shows, we will focus on conversational in-class activities to get you talking and using the lesson material. Book your class here.


4-Skills or Textbook Class

For students wanting to take a more structured approach to lessons, we will focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking. There is a stronger emphasis on grammar and writing, with more activities dedicated to working on these skills. This includes vocabulary and listening activities, as well as conversation practice.

If you prefer to follow the structure of a textbook, I recommend the series “Interchange” by Cambridge University Press, but can work with different textbooks if you already have one. Find the next available class time.


IELTS Preparation Class

If you are going to take the IELTS test, this is an important lesson for you. We practice strategies for the writing and speaking sections of the IELTS test.

Get started here.



Personalized English Class

Do you have a specific goal or need? Maybe you will be making a presentation for your company or interviewing for a new job in English. I am happy to work with you to design a class around whatever special requests or goals you have! Sign up here.


Online Courses

If you are interested in self-study, you can download online courses, PDF files and more. Study on your own, but knowing that you have a teacher here if you have any questions along the way!


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