US School Grading System

Schools in the USA usually grade students on a scale of 0-100, with different ranges of scores marked as different letters A-F.

Here is how it breaks down:


out of 0-100 points

Letter Grade What it means
0-59 F You failed! You had better find a tutor!
60-63 D- You just barely passed. Don’t show Mom.
64-66 D You still just barely passed. You still don’t want to show Mom.
67-69 D+ You did better than fail, but you really should study more!
70-73 C- OK, maybe you can show Mom now?
74-76 C This is supposed to be an “average” grade.
77-79 C+ Better than average!
80-83 B- You can definitely show this to your Mom.
84-86 B Pretty good.
87-89 B+ That’s a nice grade you have there.
90-93 A- Mom is going to be proud of you!
94-96 A Maybe Mom will buy you something nice to celebrate!
97-100 A+ Harvard, here you come!

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