What is my English level?

Your level is dependent on your ability in a variety of areas including your grammar, speaking and fluency, listening, reading and writing and vocabulary.

This list below is not a complete list of all grammar points and topics in the English language. Instead, it is a rough guide to help you determine what your English ability is now, and what you need to continue to work on.

Level Grammar Targets Speaking and Fluency Targets Listening Targets Reading/Writing Targets Vocabulary and Topics
Introductory -Student understands SVO word order, be verb, simple present, yes/no/or questions, negatives, adverbs of frequency -Student uses single words or short phrases to express a logical idea.

-Can answer simple questions

-Words are understandable, some sounds are not clear

-Long pauses to search for the right words, fillers (um, ah, er)

-Student understands general idea from short dialogue or text. -Student understands and writes words and short and simple sentences. -Student can match words in English with native language.

-Vocabulary for greetings, family members, numbers, names of cities and countries, daily activities, illness, colors, clothes, food, transportation, parts of the body, holidays

Intermediate – Students are familiar with verbs in present continuous, simple past, simple future (will/going to), basic conditionals, imperatives, wh-questions, possession, indirect and direct objects, more advanced modal verbs, linking verbs, quantifiers, comparatives, superlatives -Student uses short sentences or multiple sentences to express logical idea

-Words are understandable, pronunciation is clearer, but stress and intonation may be off

-Student understands more details from short dialogue or text.

-Can repeat general meaning of dialogue or text.

-Student can write small paragraphs, text messages or emails

-Identify grammar and content from smaller texts

-Skimming, scanning

-Can identify order of events

-Can paraphrase a short text

-Student can match simple English definition to English word

-Can begin to guess meaning of a word from context

-All vocabulary topics above in more depth, sports, leisure, technology, diet and health, nationality, occupation, nationalities, travel

High Intermediate -Students demonstrate ability to confidently use Verbs in present continuous, simple past, future simple (will/going to), conditionals,  possession, indirect and direct objects, more advanced modal verbs, linking verbs, quantifiers, comparatives, superlatives

–Familiar with passive voice

-Student can speak in complete sentences

-Intonation and stress are clear and usually correct, with some mistakes

-Pronunciation is clear and understandable

-Uses appropriate gestures

-Short pauses with fillers that do not interfere with listeners ability to understand speaker

-Student understands general content and some details from real TV and radio excerpts. -Student can write paragraphs to express opinion or write about themselves.

-Understands simple multi-paragraph texts.

-Student can explain a word’s definition in English

-Uses circumlocution

-All vocabulary topics above in greater depth

-Phrasal verbs with understanding of different prepositions

-Past participles of irregular verbs


Low Advanced -Student can use passive voice in simple present and past tense, gerunds and infinitives, unreal conditionals, reported speech, adjective clauses, adverbial clauses, negative questions, tag questions, -Student can carry on smooth conversation with some pauses and filler

-Occasional intonation and stress mistakes

-Pronunciation is clear and understandable

-Student can understand the general meaning in more complex small talk, radio and TV excerpts

-Can identify most details in longer and more complex listening exercises with speakers in natural situations.

-Can communicate on the telephone with minimal error

-Student can write multiple paragraphs on opinions and factual topics.

-Can write a short summary of a lower advanced multi-paragraph article or text without plagiarizing

-Can read and understand general information and some details in newspaper articles

-Student can explain a word in English and find synonyms

-Uses Circumlocution

-All topics above in more depth plus: banking, money, environmental issues, art, travel and tourism, emergency situations, education and university majors, space and exploration, technology

Advanced+ -Student can speak with minimal grammar errors that do not affect ability to be understood

-Can easily function in English speaking environment, workplace or academic setting

-Student speaks fluently with minimal pausing and fillers

-Correctly uses intonation and stress

-Pronunciation is very clear and understandable

-Student can understand real TV, radio and podcasts

-Can understand audio despite different accents or interference such as static.


-Student can write a longer text about a variety of topics

-Can write longer concise summary without plagiarizing.

-Uses reading strategies

-Understands complex sentence structures

-Student has an extensive vocabulary for above topics and more

-Can correctly guess meanings of word from roots, prefixes and suffixes