Which preposition fits?

Last week’s email lesson and newsletter sent out a study guide for the past week to help you all improve with different expressions using IN, AT, ON, WITH, FOR, BY, and UNDER.

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Take the quiz below to see if you can use the correct preposition.

Question 1

How about you let me drive _____ a change?

Question 2

I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that. I did it completely _____ accident.

Question 3

Can you go a little faster, please? I am really _____ a hurry.

Question 4

The car was coming down the street _____full speed.

Question 5

I am writing you _____ regards to your last email.

Question 6

He has been _____ a lot of stress lately.

Question 7

Oh my! Look! That house is _____ fire! Call the fire department!