Word of the Weekend – QUIZ!

Every once and a while, it is important to go back through your old notes and review vocabulary. In this quiz, you will have the chance to test yourself on the last fifteen Words of the Weekend.

Here is the WORD LIST:


A cold snap
A protest march
The great outdoors
A bibliophile
A movie buff

Verbs and verb phrases-
Go camping
Be a foodie
Be a culture vulture
Make a New Year’s Resolution
To daydream

Take the QUIZ! 

Fill in the blanks below using the words from the Word List.

Question 1

Hey, Jane. … Jane? … Jane?! … Hey, stop and listen to me!

Question 2

Annette loves going to museums, art shows, craft shows, dance performances, and concerts. She knows everything that is happening in town. She is a .

Question 3

They were all so frustrated with their president that they decided to join the to show their disapproval.

Question 4

I didn’t ask you out to the movies, because you have already seen all the movies. You are a huge .

Question 5

Oh, no! Tomorrow is Friday the 13th! I have , so I will not be leaving my house at all tomorrow!

Question 6

You have an ability to know exactly what I want to say.

Question 7

She is a librarian. Of course that means she is a !

Question 8

Don’t forget to wear a heavy jacket today. We are getting a this week.

Question 9

Even though she was not a very good cook, she enjoyed eating well. She always considered herself a .

Question 10

Watch out! He put some over the door. If you are standing there when someone else comes in, you will have to kiss him!

Question 11

The man did not give up easily.

Question 12

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Would you like to with me at the National Park?

Question 13

I always in the end of December, but I usually forget about all these promises by March!

Question 14

We should take a trip to Vermont next fall. I’ve hear the fall is gorgeous!

Question 15

Let’s go camping in . I can’t stand staying inside when the weather is so nice!

How did you do?

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