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Travel English for Packing and Airports – Quiz 3 of 4 –

Now you’ve made it through security, and sat down in your seat on the plane. The flight attendants are making announcements overhead. What are they saying?

Take the quiz below to test your understanding of common airplane announcements!


Inside A PlaneFasten Seat Belt Sign
To stow
An overhead bin
Fasten your seat belt
A tray-table
Flight attendant
An emergency exit
Federal regulation
Lavatory smoke detectors
Be prohibited by law
The cabin
To tamper with
Alcoholic drinks (more…)

Idioms – Food

You are what you eat.

It is important to eat healthy food to stay healthy. If you eat unhealthy food, you will be unhealthy.

-I ate all the donuts, and now I feel terrible. -Well, you are what you eat!


The Broken EggHave egg on your face.

You have done something wrong, and now you feel embarrassed or stupid.

I really have egg on my face now. I accidentally ate all the snacks for the party before it even started.